Poligon Corporation

A Global Financial Services Company

Markets & Trading

BLUE HORSESHOE CO. – The internal Capital Markets and Trading Division of Poligon Corporation.

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Financial Applications

GLOBALMAX, LLC. – The Financial Applications and Platforms Division of the Poligon Corporation.

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Business Consulting

LINDSEY & CO. ADVISORS – The Financial and Business Consulting Division of Poligon Corporation.

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Poligon Platforms

There's an App for that!

Our digital apps and platforms division, GlobalMax, provides a wide variety of consumer and commercial financial applications. From wealth management suites to algorithmic trading systems, we offer compelling solutions to day traders, individual investors and our institutional clients.

Explore our digital product/service offerings under GlobalMax on Poligon's Divisions webpage.

  • Global

    We reach 6 continents and do business in 63 currencies.

  • Comprehensive

    Our product/service mix covers nearly all things financial.

  • Proprietary

    All of our system development and R&D is conducted in-house.

  • Results-Oriented

    These platforms and apps produce results not promises.

  • Client-Centric

    Our team is singularly focused on positive client outcomes.

  • Tech-Driven

    Forward-thinking and tech-driven are our company's hallmarks.

Our Services

In addition to our internal real estate [Poligon Properties] and retail [Poligon Retail Group] operations, Poligon Corporation offers a broad range of services and platforms to our global client base.

Business Consulting

We have a team of highly experienced consultants and advisors.

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Financial Analysis

Analysis of anything from a single proposed transaction or an entire market.

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Market Research

Deliver deep research and understanding on any market opportunity.

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Wealth Management

Comprehensive wealth management tools and services.

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Algorithmic Trading

Proprietary trading algorithms and execution systems.

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Investment Platforms

Our platforms can access markets and exchanges around the world.

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Mobile Apps

Applications for short-term trading and long-term investment.

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Crypto Investments

Block chain assets, digital tokens and currencies, DAPPs, etc.

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Data Subscriptions

Individual and corporate subscriptions of trade signal data.

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The Poligon Team is ready to serve you.

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