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Poligon Corporation



A global management, financial services and consulting company providing trading, investment, digital products and advisory services to clients on six continents.


Houston | New York | Los Angeles
London | Hong Kong | Dubai

Poligon Corporation is a comprehensive financial services company with clients and partners on six continents. In addition to our client services, we have internal trading, real estate [Poligon Properties] and retail [Poligon Retail Group] operations in our Houston, Texas, headquarters. We provide products, services, and advice to a wide swath of customers: high net worth investors, private companies, corporates and institutions.

Our three corporate divisions operate as wholly owned subsidiaries with each providing an array of products and services to fulfill a variety of use cases. We also maintain our own research and development teams that produce the many proprietary systems and platforms that make up our offering mix.

Internal Capital Markets and Trading Division.
Financial Applications and Platforms Division.
Business and Financial Consulting Division.


The “WealthAlgo” System

The “WealthAlgo” system, which is the basis for all of our digital apps and platforms, was developed over the course of many years and can be adapted to almost any market and trading/investment time frame.  Its amazing versatility, resiliency and consistent ROI performance make it a truly unique and sought after investment model.


The company was founded by its Chairman and CEO, Dee Menzies. Mr. Menzies has been involved in the financial services industry since the early 1990s. He has vast experience in equity, currency, commodity and derivative markets, as well as dealings in international trade and finance.

More recently, Mr. Menzies and our R&D staff have developed expertise in crypto assets: blockchain platforms and tokens, ICOs, STOs, smart contracts and distributed ledger systems. This has led to our continuing deployment of applications in the blockchain space and other emerging technologies.

Poligon continues to push the innovation envelope as we develop compelling digital solutions and first-class advisory services for our clients. Whether you need a custom trading algorithm, a consultant for a financing in Dubai, an expert for a commodity transaction in Hong Kong, or a deadline met for a real estate closing in New York, our team of financial professionals, developers and advisors can deliver the outcome and bottom-line you desire.

At Poligon we put you, our valued client, at the center of our efforts and consider your interests and expectations above all else. Our business model rightfully dictates that we succeed only when you succeed.”

Dee Menzies
Chairman & CEO    
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  |   Corporate Headquarters and Satellite Offices:


  • Houston, Texas – Williams Tower (Corporate HQ)
  • New York, New York – One World Trade Center
  • Los Angeles, Californiaa – Figueroa Building
  • London, United Kingdom – Leadenhall Building
  • Central District, Hong Kong – Two International Finance Centre
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Emirates Towers


New York
Los Angeles
Hong Kong

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