Poligon Corp

Corporate Divisions

Poligon's three operating divisions and their product/service offerings.

Markets & Trading

BLUE HORSESHOE CO. – The internal Capital Markets and Trading Division of Poligon Corporation.

Our in-house traders utilize proprietary systems that run complex execution routines and position management programs. We scan and evaluate across markets for intra-day and portfolio opportunities.

  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Fixed-Income
  • Derivatives
  • Crypto

Blue Horseshoe's trading methodology has engaged the capital markets since the 1990s using empirical data from as far back as the Kennedy Administration era to the present day.

Our trading style and tactics have been tested through every imaginable market condition and economic environment. That fact gives us tremendous confidence and certainty with each and every trade.

Financial Applications

GLOBALMAX, LLC. – The Financial Applications and Platforms Division of Poligon Corporation.

Our proprietary 'WealthAlgo' system is the basis of all of the in-house digital apps and platforms developed at our GlobalMax Division.

Regardless of the market or time-frame, WealthAlgo's logic formula can be adapted to meet almost any trading/investing priority.

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Business Consulting

LINDSEY & CO. ADVISORS – The Financial and Business Consulting Division of Poligon Corporation.

At Lindsey, we have developed a "Success Team" concept to tackle almost any business challenge. We assess the issues and form a team of professionals to diligently work toward our client's desired outcome.

We are exceptionally equipped to handle almost any project because of our vast and capable global network of experts from the fields of legal, Banking, Accounting, Finance, Auditing and much more.

Lindsey has fostered a bottom-line, results-oriented culture that is driven by client outcomes and our team's performance. Most importantly, every team member and staffer at Lindsey understands the long-term value of acting in our client's best interest at all times.

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